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Volleyball Workout


Below is a great volleyball workout that will help condition players before sessions begin. This can ensure that we can focus on their skills and they are already pre-conditioned for the drills.

Volleyball Conditioning Workout


  • Recommend for 7th grade and up


  • Exercise Repetitions (# of sets x # of reps) Tempo/PaceNotes



  • Push Ups3×10 Down slow, up (down for 3 counts up for 1 count)If not able to keep back flat, go to knees and keep back flat until you are able to do all three sets on toes keeping back flat


  • Dips3×10Down for 3 counts, up for 3 counts. Use a chair and keep knees directly over ankles (legs make a 90 degree angle), keep elbows by sides (don’t let them “bow” outward). Go down til your arms make a 90 degree angle)


  • Wall Push Ups3×10 Down for 1, up for 3 countsFeet out about three big steps away from the wall so body is at a 45 degree angle from the floor.


  • Weighted Overhead Press3×10 Down for 3 counts, up for 1Seated upright, using at least 10lbs, start weights at ears, elbows shoulder height, press up until weights meet above head, then lower down to ears, and back up again, repeat.

    • Note: keep arms out to the side of your body.




  • Squats3×12Down for 3 counts, up for 1Keep knees above ankles, so they don’t go over front of toes. Push hips back  and squat til legs are parallel to floor


  • Lunge Squats3×8 (per leg) Split stance (one leg in front of the other). Right leg first then left leg, sink hips til front leg is parallel to the floor, then JUMP straight up using arms to throw for height, landing in a lunge with opposite leg in front. Holding the lunge, repeat, landing on opposite leg (so you are alternating legs each jump).


  • Jump squats3×8Explosive jumps for height and powerThere are only 8 here so you can go for quality over quantity. Starting in the squat position, using arms to throw body up, jump as high as you can, and landing back in squat, repeat.




  • Planks3×45 secondsElbows on the floor under your shoulders, back completely flat (be sure hips are low and not high in the air, so you have a flat plank), toes holding up your legs, hold for 45 seconds then lower. Repeat.


  • Reverse Crunches3×30Lying on back, knees up at your chest, keeping back completely FLAT on the floor, lower knees (keeping belly tucked in) until toes touch the floor, then lift knees back up to chest. Repeat. NOTE: MUST KEEP BACK FLAT for this to work. When you feel comfortable, if you can keep your back flat on the floor, STRAIGHTEN legs and lower feet to floor.




  • If you haven’t done these exercises before, make sure someone shows you the proper form so you do not injure yourself!


  • Stretch before and after doing the exercises and drink a lot of water. Adding weights as you are comfortable.


  • We recommend including cardio, running 8-10 sprints on your “off days”, running max speed 100 meter dash sprints with 90 second breaks or more in between. 


  • Running long distance will lengthen muscle fibers, and you don’t want that when you are building muscle and working on quickness. So do SPRINTS (nothing more than 800 meters). Preferably 100 and 200 meter dashes (6-10 a day) with some 400 meter runs (2 a day is perfect)You can always add more sets or higher reps. The advanced version is to do 3 sets of 15 per exercise.


  • REMEMBER: more repetitions you’ll need lighter weights at first, then add weights as the weeks pass.Any non-weighted exercise can be done every day. It’s best to go every other day on weighted exercises so your muscles have time to rebuild. Give yourself at least 18 hours before repeating non weighted exercises.



Click here for the printable version


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